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“It is a wonderful platform to connect, communicate and collaborate with doctors across India”

CLIRNET serves the needs of thousands of doctors every day by providing them with digital tools and services which equips them to deliver last mile patient care which is accessible, affordable and equitable.

Available for iOS and Android.
Live CME MedWiki® Grand Rounds Polls & Quizzes TeleMed Lite

Live CME

Real-time collaboration could not have been easier

Join your fellow doctors over a phone call or online, either one-on-one or as a group, to discuss medical issues. Access a variety of formats such as express CME (15 minutes), MasterConsult (one-on-one only), Multi Speaker CME and Conclaves (series of CME).



Experiential medicine at your fingertips

Browse or search through a unique encyclopedia of real world medical content built through the collaborative efforts of your fellow doctors from CME executed on the platform. MedWiki has over 15,000 practical multimedia articles across 30+ specialties with hundreds of articles added every month.


Grand Rounds

Relive your medical college days

In a group setting, collaborate on a particular topic, therapy or, patient case with your peers through real time discussion, exchanging medical research, forming collective opinions, searching through relevant medical archives over a secure network.


Polls & Quizzes

Know the Doctor’s Voice

Stay informed about prevailing views & sentiments of the healthcare community through our daily polls. Take part in interesting & interactive quizzes to win certificates, prizes and more! Get paid for your expertise while answering selected surveys.


TeleMed Lite

Set up your virtual clinic in just 2 minutes

No app download and zero cost for your patients, appointment booking in less than a minute, consultation through any secure channel of your choice (Voice/WhatsApp/Google, etc), 100% fees flow to you along with compliance with the MoHFW guidelines are only some of the features of this unique solution.

What your peers say about CLIRNET

"I feel this unique model of real-time discussions lead to faster disbursement of essential clinical information improving healthcare outcomes in our country. The MedWikis translate the benefits of local conversations and makes it National! The CLIRNET platform is a very effective way to distribute medical information and knowledge.”

Burdwan, West Bengal

"Even though I am practising from a remote corner of the country, I can get latest updates on medical, surgical or diagnostic issues from CLIRNET. The experiences of interacting directly with other doctors were wonderful. Getting advice and best practices from the best of specialists without wasting time or having to travel large distances is particularly useful for Doctors in far off areas such as me. I feel the CLIRNET difference.”

Tezu, Arunachal Pradesh

"I particularly enjoy reading the MedWikis uploaded by CLIRNET. I think the topics are well- researched and written. It helps me treat my patients well. Many a times they come back and thank me for healing them.”

Gondia, Maharashtra

"The most important thing is that CLIRNET’s solutions are very practical. Expecting me to spend 15 mins on a Tele Medicine platform to schedule a patient consultation is impractical, with CLIRNet I do it in 30 seconds without compromising on the digitization or patient experience. Amazing, isn’t it?”

Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh