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CLIRNET is the largest Live CME and doctor generated content platform in the country with presence from metropolitan cities to most rural areas!

About Us

We are a team of believers passionate about building a free platform for healthcare professionals to forge a healthier and happier society. We know the benefits will finally flow to all patients through delivery of accessible, equitable & affordable care!

  • By serving 700,000+ doctors in India, we impact 1.2+ billion patient lives directly.
  • By building a network of doctors who, regardless of distance or infra-structure constraints (including remotest parts of India), get access to medical information and support from their peers.
  • Extreme variance across patients (genetics, food habits, and financial capability), geography (tropic to extreme cold) and cultural/ religious practices lead to heterogeneity in clinical practices in India. As a scalable platform for discussion & knowledge multiplication, CLIRNET seeks to facilitate standardization of clinical protocols leading to better healthcare outcomes.
  • The platform leverages innovative data and audio technologies to take doctor collaboration to a new level. Doctors can connect with each other on complex patient cases over audio calls allowing customized discussions, geographic flexibility and significant time savings. This ensures that a patient being treated in the most inaccessible area (e.g. somewhere in a village in Himalayas) has access to the expertise of any doctor in India through their local doctor.
  • CLIRNET’s proprietary knowledge engine creates a digital encyclopedia of experiential medicine content (MedWiki®) from CME on our platform. These highly engaging, concise, practical medical discussions and Q&A with supporting citations facilitate clinical skill multiplication bridging the gap between evidential and experiential medicine!

To achieve this goal, CLIRNET is proud to be driven by a majority-women team of 70+ members (from NYU, IIM, IIT, and other premier institutes) located across India. CLIRNET is a Stanford Seed company that was nominated by Times Network Digital Summit in the Top 5 Companies for Digital Social Innovation.

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